I always find it to be a tough challenge to describe oneself, so let me do a little self exploration to paint a little picture. It’ll probably go something like this:

An experienced designer who goes from start to end in a product lifecycle and a little beyond, even if things didn’t always work out.

Someone who loves to dig his hands into the warm sands of culture to discover a gem of a story told by others; i.e sharing one in a 16-hour train journey halfway across Europe thanks to Mother Nature.

A person who went through quite a lot to perfect his craft and workflow with tools; but when needed, will stick to the barebones to get the job done.

One who turns insights into prototype to tell a story, and sometimes gets back into the entanglement of code to try out new ideas.

A tech enthusiast who spends probably too much on kickstarter and always out seeking interesting stories for Digital Ketchup.

So, maybe to sum it up, this is Jonathan Yap, an explorer of sorts. 😄

Come say hi [at] jonathanyap [dot] com.

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