In the center of the world payment network

Coming into Visa, I was initially here to setup the Singapore Visa Design Studio with a partner. This was our first ever design home base outside of the US. 1st mac users in the main office is pretty much a statement of disruption we were in for, to cultivate and innovate much quicker like a startup within a large organisation.

Working in Visa

Most of my projects here, I am not able to publicly share them. What I am able to share is a project mobile payments that is live in multiple markets in Asia, namely mVisa. In general, mVisa is about activating the millions of device in Asia, and enabling people with easy frictionless payment experience.

Visa Innovation Centre in Singapore

Day-to-day here has been the most interesting and intense learning, with so many great partners to work with. Helping support the innovation within the company has been a key vital point, through supporting effort in the newly launched Visa Innovation Centre.

More to come in the future…