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In the center of the world's payment network

In October 2015, Visa Design Studio setup its first home base outside of the US in Singapore. I was the one of the 2 staff that was brought in to kick-start the team. Moving like a startup within a large organisation, we were able to innovate much quicker and cultivate a mindset that would set the team in Singapore as part of the centre of digital transformation internally. One of the example is optimising workflow for scale.

The projects in Visa are easily one of the most challenging and complex I have ever faced. Due to the shear scale and reach of the product, coupled with emerging market behaviour, rich & diverse cultural nounces, complex geo-politcal issues, and the blazing speed of the market, there was never a dull moment being a product designer in the Asia Pacific studio.

Projects that I worked on range from building design system, research and testing in-market, to running design sprints and facilitating internal design thinking session.

mVisa, QR payments in the emerging markets

Of my many responsibility in the studio, one of my main focus is leading the product design of mobile push payments under Visa Direct, mVisa. mVisa is a QR payment solution that’s aimed to help activate the millions of mobile devices in Asia by enabling people to enjoy a frictionless payment experience using only their mobile phone.

Being in one of the largest financial technology company, everyday was a constant learning for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to work and collaborate with many amazingly talented and intelligent folks. One of the result of those collaboration effort was Visa successfully launching the Visa Innovation Centre in Singapore and becoming the center of culture change.

Design team, design sprints, and working in Visa

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Hey, I’m Jonathan!

I'm a product designer, storyteller, and father of two boys.

From shipping global products, to facilitating co-creation, to research on the ground, there's always a great story to tell. I bring them together through design, research, data, strategy, and technology. Still pretty hands-on with technical work.

Over the past 10+ years, I've learnt to scale impact through people by designing relationships and mentorship. My passion is in the community, and I find satisfaction in connecting people. I share a lot by nature because good knowledge is worth sharing. Host and volunteer for UXSG.

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