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Jonathan Yap

Design • People • Community

Community focused & connecting people. Currently leading Design Standards at Bank of Singapore. Creator of Design Pay Asia. Get In Touch


Building technology that connects people and space

The Location Based Experiences team in Singapore focuses on space visualisation technology that helps people navigate and manage spaces. View Case Study


In the center of the world's payment network

In October 2015, Visa Design Studio setup its first home base outside of the US in Singapore. I was the one of the 2 staff that was brought in to kick-start the team. Moving like a startup within a large organisation, we were able to innovate much quicker and cultivate a mindset that would set the team in Singapore as part of the centre of digital transformation internally. View Case Study


Vacation rentals in the travel space

Similar space to other short term rental, roomorama was a space for hosts (owners) and guests (renters) to fulfil each other’s demand. We were however positioned slightly different that other players since it was a shift towards the B2B and B2C space as a property aggregator in recent years. View Case Study


Movie recommendation based on your status update

Emotivu was the result of Startup Weekend in 2012, an ambitious project that bring emotions, tweets, and movies together. Using sentiment analysis and a complex algorithm, Emotivu recommends you movies to watch based on your tweets. This was the initial proof of concept that slowly evolve over time. View Case Study


Light cycle game using location check-ins

This is what happen when you mash up the light cycle game from Tron and Foursquare. The idea of Tronsquare first came at the Unlock London Hackathon and the following day it won in the category of Most Innovative Application. View Case Study

O2 Academy App

Bringing you closer to the music

This project started out as a simple refresh in design and added functionality for both iOS and Android. It grew into an opportunity to add more value in the O2 music experience. This also helped us rethink the presentation method and a more engaging way to tell a story. View Case Study

Panasonic In-Flight Entertainment System

Building the foundation for entertainment in the skies

The project with Panasonic is a very large scale, long term collaboration which involves a lot of teams across the world. I was involved in building the experience from ground up and helped shape the standards for a complex B2B content management system (CMS) for Panasonic's new In-Flight Entertainment solution. View Case Study


Checking out the mobile payment process

Worldpay's payment platform is an easy solution for businesses online to allow customers to checkout. View Case Study

Hey, I’m Jonathan!

I'm a product designer, storyteller, and community connector.

From shipping global products, to facilitating co-creation, to research on the ground, there's always a great story to tell. I bring them together through design, research, data, strategy, and technology.

Over the past 10+ years, I've learnt to scale impact through people by designing relationships and mentorship. My passion is in the community, and I find satisfaction in connecting people. I share a lot by nature because good knowledge is worth sharing. Host and volunteer for UXSG, mentoring on ADP list, and creator of Design Pay Asia.

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